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He gives more grace - Sarah Walton and Linda Green

He gives more grace - Sarah Walton and Linda Green

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Motherhood is one of life’s most joyful yet most difficult gifts. We are eager to get it "right", yet parenting usually highlights our weaknesses and leaves us worried about our mistakes.

These hope-filled, positive devotions recognise the realities and pressures, joys and disappointments of motherhood and will give you a precious reminder of grace from God’s word to hold onto each day. They will help you to trust that God’s grace is enough for you and your kids. As the authors say in the introduction, “Our children do not need a perfect mother. What they do need is a mother who recognises her need for a perfect Saviour and understands that this is the greatest need of her children as well."

As you focus on the work of Jesus rather than your own efforts, you will feel less pressure and more freedom and joy in all the ups and downs of motherhood.

Written by a mother-daughter combination (one with four kids aged 10-16 and one with three grown kids and ten grandchildren) who are both grateful recipients of God's grace and faithfulness in the many seasons, situations and realities of motherhood.

Paperback 256 pages

Linda Allcock - Author, Deeper Still

At the heart of this book is a prayer and a poem. Need I say more The short, simple chapters ooze grace and wisdom while being gritty and real about the complexities of parenting. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of discussing chronic illness and children with additional needs, and the value the authors placed on diversity of parenting styles and temperaments.

Amy Smith - Writer, Faith in Kids

I loved this! Honest stories, practical help and big grace for real mums, from real mums. This book is like a chat and a cup of coffee with a loving friend. It’s warm, honest, practical and filled with real life stories that set us free from the burden of trying to be supermum by continually pointing us to God’s generous grace.

Kevin and Trisha DeYoung

Kevin is Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

Finding a good devotional book is harder than you think, and finding a thoughtful, hope-filled devotional for moms is even harder. That’s why we are happy to commend these reflections. The writing is accessible, the stories are honest, and the gospel encouragement can be felt on every page. What a needed reminder for moms (and all of us) that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.


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