About The Wee Sparrow

Who is The Wee Sparrow?

Our Wee Sparrow is a symbol of God's love, care, provision and protection.

We'd like to think that the Wee Sparrow is just like you and I ... small, insignificant, frail, feeble even and yet God is interested in her, cares for her and her family, and provides for her. The humble sparrow gets special mention in scripture and we think that she's got lots to teach us, encourage us and spur us on.  So our cards, prints and gifts will reflect messages of God's love for us, his encouragement, inspiration, challenge and comfort. 

Why did we change from Preditos to the Wee Sparrow?

First of all, Preditos remains for our trade customers - you'll still find our cards, prints, framed prints, etc. in Christian bookshops up and down the country and through Christian online retailers.

For the last year, we've had this sense that we needed to review where we were at and seek God's direction for this next phase of growth. Progress has been great especially since we moved into our premises in 2018 and new doors have been and are still opening... whether to go through them has been the big question. 

As far as our online shop was concerned, we asked for your feedback and we listened to what you said...

You said that our name wasn't easy to remember... so we changed it.

You said that our pricing was confusing... so we've developed a site just for our direct customers with one set of prices that includes VAT. Trade customers can still use www.preditos.com.

You said that our site was difficult to navigate... so we've tried to simplify it.

You've asked us to be kinder to our planet - so we've begun to give you the option of choosing cellophane bags or not. We already print in small batches so that we don't have a lot of unsold stock and we only print some products to order.

You also told us that you appreciate the fact that we're making our products right here in the UK and that we're using UK based designers. 

You said that pricing needed to be dynamic... so, with our new site, prices change when you change sizes and other criteria.

You said that you wanted more personalisation... so we're adding more products that can be personalised.

Where are we based?

Our office is based at 29 Elmfield Court, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 1DY.

You can contact us directly using the contact form below or on our social media channels.

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