Collection: SPURx3

There's a song by Bruce Springsteen called "Should I fall behind" - it's a song of commitment to one another, knowing what this world can do, to promise to wait for those who fall behind... perhaps unwittingly, perhaps unknowingly... but there's a recognition in the words that some people, through no fault of their own, struggle more than others. 

This is a time when many could be falling behind, could be wanting to give up - do you know someone who needs to know that there is someone who is thinking about them, praying for them, caring for them?

Send 3 or more cards from our Calm range direct to 3 or more different people to thank them/encourage them/spur them on to keep on keeping on... and we'll take 75p off each.


Tell us the messages that you want included inside each card - type your message in the box provided and then add the item to your cart... then repeat that process for each card you want to send. We'll then type them up and post them! Just check the "Send to Multiple Addresses" button in your shopping cart and add the names and addresses for each item.