Other bits & bobs - shops, special requests, events

 Bookshops and gift shops

We supply shops and church bookstalls across the UK and Ireland. 

If your local bookshop or church bookstall doesn't currently stock our products, why not suggest that they drop us an email at hello@preditos.com and we'll let them know what we offer.

Special requests

If you need something unique for an event or special occasion or if you want to add something to one of our existing products, we're more than happy to consider these. Email us at hello@preditos.com. 


We're at some of the biggest Christian events across the UK such as Spring Harvest, Big Church Day Out and New Wine.

We'll be at the Jesus Culture Conference in Manchester on 11th and 12th November. 

If you've got a special event at your church or in your town/city, why not get in touch? If we're not available, we'd be happy to send a box of our most popular products.

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