Have you hit the wall yet?

Have you hit the wall yet?

I’m finding the restrictions, limitations and implications of lockdown more challenging in the last week or two even though things are beginning to free up. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, considering the future seemed to raise more uncertainties than I had the capacity to deal with. Uncertainty about what the future will actually look like has always been a feature of life but, when even making tentative plans is not an option and when what you believe God’s plans to be seem to be coming unstuck, it can be difficult… maybe, we’re all learning what it means to wait for the Lord.

There’s a psalm though that has become really precious to me and it’s Psalm 84 – I’ve been contemplating what kind of person would be longing, even fainting for the courts of the Lord. I guess that if things don’t make sense and haven’t turned out how we might have hoped or expected, if there’s uncertainty about the future and if life has dealt out pain and hurt, then that kind of person could be longing and fainting to be in God’s presence.

If you’re that kind of person, the good news is that the Lord of Hosts (the Lord Almighty, the commander of the hosts of angels, the heavenly army) is waiting for you… to listen to you, to reassure you, to calm your fears, to comfort you, to give you rest, to refresh you, to strengthen you. His dwelling place is lovely – it’s pleasant, it’s safe and secure, and it’s good to simply be there… so why not take a load off and take some time out to rest in his presence and allow him to minister to you.  

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