Even the sparrow finds a home

Even the sparrow finds a home

We’ve all been forced to spend more time at home this year. For some this has been a real boon especially where there’s been space inside and out. I’ve heard some say that they expect that we’ll look back on this enforced lockdown with fondness and, perhaps, longing. And some have said that the time at home has helped them appreciate for the first time what they have not just in terms of the stuff they own but also in terms of their families. It’ll be interesting to see if the promises of slowing down life and consuming less will be kept once we’re through this and back to some sense of normality – let’s hope so.

For others, the walls may have felt they were closing in and closing in… cramped accommodation coupled with strained relationships is a recipe for trouble… not to mention the abuse and neglect that some suffer. At the other end of the spectrum, loneliness has been exaggerated for many too.

This has got me going back to Psalm 84, verse 3 which tells us that even the wee sparrow finds a home and the swallow a place to lay her young, and this place is near the altar of the Lord.

When I read these first few verses, I think of a place that first of all is safe – no matter how we think the world should be, we’ve all learnt that the world is a dangerous place and we’ve all retreated to the safety of our homes. I think of a place where there can be rest and refreshment – the stresses and strains of this life can be lifted at home when we share life with those we love. And home is a place where there is love and nurture and encouragement, and where there is promise for the future too.

The incredible thing is that we don’t need a physical place to feel at home - in fact, if you find yourself in a place where you're struggling (it could be home, it could be with family, it could be work, it could even be at church) take your mind to this heavenly place. If we move and stay close to the Lord, we can feel safe, we can be rested and refreshed, we can be encouraged and we can work out what the future holds for us. It’s a good place to be!

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