A Big thanks to New Wine

A Big thanks to New Wine

New Wine has played a significant role in our development and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. It was the summer of 2013, a year after we started and I was really needing some confirmation that we had a future. It was our first time at New Wine – we were fitted in at the last minute at Newark – and our stand was right outside the toilets! I didn’t feel too confident and when someone stopped by to say something along the lines of “We’ve seen stands like this come and go over the years, they never last”, I was feeling even more despondent.

But there was/is a different vibe to New Wine compared to the other events. The welcome by the Marketplace team clearly demonstrated that they got it – they understood the mission and the ministry that we all had. Then we had someone go around all the stands praying a prayer of blessing. The toilets turned out to be a blessing with folks browsing whilst in the queue and, that week, our takings far exceeded our expectations. More important than that, the positive feedback that we were getting was the confirmation I was looking for.

We applied for Shepton Mallet the next year and I’d say that the rest is history but each time we’ve been to New Wine, we’ve received some sort of encouragement or made significant connections with people.

Having a guy come and tell us that what we were doing was desperately needed meant a great deal. And, last year, another chap stood in the middle of the stand for a few minutes, taking his time to look around at all we had and take it all in – he said “I see what you’re doing… congratulations, this is great.”

We’ve developed a partnership with St Andrews Bookshop as a result of New Wine and the most significant connection was with Rob and Naomi from Frog & Gnome – they had a stand a few metres down the row from us, and from the off, I sensed a connection. So much so that we kept in touch and they’ve now moved to Scotland to work with us. You can see some of the fruit of this partnership with our new Calm range – developed during Lockdown!

We hope and pray that you’ll be blessed and challenged by United Breaks Out…



If you enter our site from the New Wine UBO Resource Hub and make an order, we'll donate up to 20% of your order to New Wine not just for your first order but for every order you make until 31st July 2021!

When you enter our site from the New Wine UBO Resource Hub and make an order, we will set you up as a New Wine customer. For any future orders, we'll know that you're a New Wine customer and you can enter the site direct.

For any of our own product ranges, we'll donate 20% of the purchase price net of VAT.

For any other product ranges, e.g. Hannah Dunnett, we'll donate 5% of the purchase price net of VAT.





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