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Romans A letter that makes sense of life - Andrew Ollerton

Romans A letter that makes sense of life - Andrew Ollerton

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With his trademark straightforward teaching style, Andrew Ollerton guides readers through Romans – one of the most theologically complex books of the Bible – to discover how an understanding of Paul’s longest letter unlocks the whole story of Scripture and helps us make sense of life.

It’s been said that if the New Testament were the Himalayas, Paul’s Epistle to the Romans would be Mount Everest. The chapters of this book therefore imagine the contents of the letter as a great mountain landscape – complex, challenging but highly rewarding. Together, we will take on the challenge of ascending to the summit, taking in the view and then descending to put it into practice on the other side.

Readers will not only come away with a greater understanding of Romans, but as invigorated disciples, equipped for the adventure of life and faith, and emboldened to share the Gospel with others.

Each chapter includes suggested Bible readings and questions for reflection, making this book a great choice for devotional reading for Lent 2023.

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