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Irrepressible - Cathy Madavan

Irrepressible - Cathy Madavan

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12 principles for a courageous, resilient and fulfilling life
By Cathy Madavan
This book contains practical wisdom for living. Full of memorable principles, stories and self-reflection opportunities, it will develop capacity, courage and confidence in the face of life’s opportunities and challenges.
Why do some people seem to throw themselves into every opportunity, bouncing back from every setback? Is this irrepressible spirit just for the hyper-motivated? How do the rest of us live courageously, relate authentically and develop resilience?

Popular speaker and author Cathy Madavan deploys her trademark humour and down-to-earth wisdom to identify twelve ways we can become irrepressible.

How do you discover your irrepressible purpose?
How do you respond when disasters strike?
How do you become a person of influence?
How do you build a tribe of friends, but still keep healthy boundaries?
How do your habits develop resilience, capacity and flexibility?

This is your invitation to irrepressible living. These principles are your tools for building a courageous, resilient and fulfilling life.

Cathy Madavan lives on England’s south coast with her husband Mark, and has been teaching about resilience, relationships and purpose for over 20 years.