Topics raised through our survey

We're really grateful for all the feedback that you've given... invaluable!

We thought that it would be worth saying more about some of the topics raised and here's the first one.


Free Delivery or not?? 

Every so often, we return to this question of whether we should offer Free Delivery all the time. In our survey so far -

Only 12% of respondents expected Free Delivery.

When asked about Special Offers, 60% of respondents said they preferred Free Delivery over other types of offers.

Some Christian retail websites offer Free Delivery but not everybody by any means, and those that do, usually offer it for orders over a certain value (some would argue that this approach acts as a motivation to spend more).

Large organisations can get a cheaper price for their postage (because they send and spend more with the carrier) and for their packaging (because they buy in bigger quantities). Some large organisations, even Christian ones, will also negotiate (or insist on) cheaper product prices from their suppliers. So the larger organisation has a significant advantage over everyone else. They either use the advantage to offer cheaper products and/or free delivery and/or to make more profit. 

If a small organisation or individual offers Free Delivery then the costs are almost certainly added to the product price. If you buy more than one product then you'll effectively end up paying more for delivery - it just won't appear as a separate line on the invoice/receipt.